We are Tamper evident labels, security stickers and warranty seals world-leading specialist.

We have the largest selection of solution both for tamper evident sticker and tamper proof labels solution, as well as authentication. Our range goes from destructible security labels, to custom embossed holograms, tamper evident labels that include jewelry tags and non residue security stickers to RFID.

Holograms Tamper Evident Stickers, Security Labels, Warranty Seals, Tamper Proof Tags and RFID can be applied to just about everything!

Our security labels combine high technology on materials, adhesives, consecutive serial numbers, barcodes, special inks and other materials to produce a product, which meets your security and budget requirements.
You can't control product forgery or expect for it to decrease. But you can count on Intertronix to combat it, by controlling tampering, counterfeiting, retail theft and fraud with the advanced technology necessary to outsmart loss. Our variety of tamper proof stickers, holograms, security labels, and warranty seals also ensure product authenticity with security elements that are of primary importance to both retailers and manufacturers from almost any product in the market.

If your product is not protected against tampering, counterfeiting, retail theft or fraud we are the right security solution at affordable prices. Request a free sample pack today and find out how you can protect your products. Our tamper proof stickers and large selection of security labels are an immediate solution that can fit every industry. We work with our clients to find the best solution for their application.

Product counterfeiting has doubled in the last five years. Currently it accounts for approximately 7% of world trade, or an astounding $280 billion. And the numbers are expected to rise. No industry is immune.
The solution to your problems could be as simple as a security sticker or warranty seal.

We understand that we are not a commodity, but a necessity to a lot of industries. We can customize our solutions to meet your companies marketing strategies and quality standers. Our security seals can be loaded with custom print features that include bar codes, logos, numbering, all which increases level of difficulty of counterfeiting; Everything with the highest quality standards.
We take pride in our customer service and security standards, which are committed to our customer’s important needs.

Please contact us to evaluate your company’s needs, and find out how can we help you.