How To Detect Moisture with The Help of Water Indicating Labels

A Water indicating labels has primarily found its use in electronic devices. It is a simple paper label that changes its color when it comes in contact with a high level of moisture that can do damage to the electronic devices. The indicator is mobile devices, communication instrument, laptops, digital cameras and more.

The labels are used as a warranty against any type of water damage to the device while in-store or shipment. It protects the consumer rights while procuring an electronic device.

What is a Water Indicating Label and how does it detect the moisture?

A small indicator patch is placed on an electronic device and glued to it. The patch is usually white in color. If the device happens to come in contact with water or high moisture at any point of time, the patch turns red indicating the device could be damaged by the high moisture content. Multiple Water indicating labels may be used in case of mobile phone and laptops. The color change of the patch is a direct indicator of the device having suffered some problem because of getting in contact with water or any other liquid. It saves time for the consumer as well as the service representative to understand the reason behind any potential damage to the device.

The Water indicating Label gets triggered even by a drop of water and should not always be treated as a damage indicator. For example, if you went out in rain and a very little amount of moisture came in contact with the patch, it may change its colors to red but that necessarily does not mean that the electronic part under it went some potential damage. Only if the water reaches the electronic circuit underneath, some damage could happen.

To make sure the device remains fully detectable to moisture levels, these water indicating labels are placed in multiple places on the device. Sometimes they are quite hidden from the naked eye For example in case of a laptop, a patch would be placed around the motherboard or battery and in some cases, it is placed quite visible to the naked eye For example in case of a headphone.