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Our Custom Embossed Holograms start at $1,500 for 20,000 labels

An embossed hologram is a rainbow transmission hologram with a mirror (aluminized layer) laminated on the back. Much like traditional vinyl record printing process, the pattern is embossed by heat and pressure from a metal stamp onto thermoplastic medium.

Due to its nature it is a affordable and efficient security solution for product protection and authentication.

There are many types of embossed holograms and a variety of features available.

2D Embossed Holograms are made from two-dimensional artwork, usually a transparency.

2D/3D Embossed Holograms are made from stack of two-dimensional artworks so each layer is different from the film place.

Overt Features Available: .
Covert Available Features: .
Forensic Features:

  • Achromatic White
  • Emboss Effect
  • Floating Effect
  • Fresnel Effect
  • Gradient Effect
  • Kinetic Effect

  • Animated CLR Image
  • Concealed Effect
  • Letter Lens Effect
  • Micro Text
  • Normal CLR
  • Raster Effect

  • Nano Image
  • Nano Text