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1. What is the best security label for my products?

We carry a really broad variety of security labels, and even though the decision can be sometimes based on personal preference, especially when it comes to color or shape, we do suggest making us of our application chart to guide your decision in selecting the right security solution for your products.  Different labels come with different technologies, such as differences in the temperature resistance, type of adhesive that will respond differently to different kind of surfaces, and material flexibility, which is critical dependent on the surface where you are planning to apply the label whether it is flat, hard ,curved or soft.

Should you need help on making a decision, do not hesitate to contact us.

2. If I buy custom security labels, are they going to look nice/ crisp info?

Our design team will always strive to meet your expectations when imputing your design in the labels. However, please keep in mind that if you request too much information in tiny little labels, the information will come out tiny and hard to read. For labels that are less than half an inch we suggest to print no more than two fields on them: images, text, bar codes or serial numbers. This will ensure that every field that is printed on the label will come out at a good, easy to read size. As stated before, this recommendation applies specifically for small security labels. The bigger security label, the more info it can contain without jeopardizing the size of the info that it contains.

3. I need a size/shape of security label that I do not see listed in your options, can you do it?

Yes, we can virtually do any size and shape, which of course it also makes it impossible for us to list them all online. However if the size or shape that you require is not one that we have in inventory (dye in stock), then a onetime surcharge fee will be added for the non-standard item.

4. Can you print my company logo on the security stickers?

Yes, we can print any logo on the security labels/stickers, as long as the file for the logo is a .jpg with no less than  a 300 dpi resolution or greater and is BLACK ONLY. We cannot print with gray scales.

5. Can you print my security labels with more than one ink color?

Yes, we can certainly do it. But it is not a standard option as it is a more complicated job to complete. Please call or email us so we can quote this kind of a job based on your particular needs.

6. How is the serial number -bar code of my custom print security seals is going to look?

We can print any kind of bar code, therefore our customization options allow you to choose which barcode is the correct one you want to use for your labels.  Feel free to use our Barcode reference guide to help your decision.

7. I want some custom print labels with a layout different to the ones you have in your website, can you do it?

Yes, please send us the layout that you want us to follow. You can even change the orientation of characters to your discretion. We work on meeting your expectations.

8. Can the Tamper Evident Labels be resealed.

No, even if the label is closed there will be evidence of the tampering.