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A versatile, non residue, reliable performance and durable polyester security label /seal / sticker that detects tampering with objects containing valuables, confidential information, or calibration equipment. The tamper indicating provide a"VOID" message in the surface when removal is attempted; you'll instantly know if someone peeled this security seal off. This security label can be custom printed for any specific application with Text, Consecutive Numbers and/or Consecutive Bar codes/ QR Codes with scratch and chemical resistance and the option to ad customized infrared watermarks.
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The convenience of the non residue technology is highly recomended specialy not only for items that require not trace after the label is removed, but also for those items that have the labels constantly changes as part of protocol. This will prevent acumulation of residue after every label is aplied/ removed.


The Gas Pump Security Seal is a label that is placed on top of the gas dispensers to prevent them from being open and compromise any of the information that they store to be compromised.

Intertronix’s Gas Pump security seals are non-residue stickers available in blue, red, black and white.

A gas pump security seal is an affordable and convenient solution to secure the area due to its nature and price point.

The Gas Pump Security Seal can be obtained as a generically printed item or it can be customized to carry the gas stations custom’s requirements, such as logo, serialization or even barcoding. This seals usually are printed with a warning to prevent from being removed unintentionally and in some cases, they even come with the instruction of notifying if seal appears compromised or broken.

Gas pump Security seals are versatile and can also be used to secure aircraft, hatches, doorways, envelopes, machinery, computers, ports, etc.

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