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Radio Frequency Identification

RFID tags tailored to our customers’ exact specifications. We manufacture ensuring that every tag is constructed with the highest quality control standards, and materials that comply with ISO 9001:2000.

We are a vertically integrated manufacturer of RFID antennas, together with our expertise in rapid design for both standard and non-standard products; create options for any RFID application. These also allows better cost on components, allowing highly competitive inlays; with a broad selection of more than 40 UHF and HF inlays.

Custom Design:

Our Custom Antenna Design Services are meant to resolve the RFID different applications with turnaround times as short as for weeks. An experienced RF engineers team will work along with you in the design, development and finally manufacturing the unique custom antenna design for your application; with endless combinations of antennas, chips and RFID products.


Materials such as silver, cooper and aluminum are used to create inlays. Due to our building capabilities, we manufacture billions of both custom antennas and popular form factors Impini and Symbol Technologies. Our strict quality controls standard ensures a 99% of good tags guaranteed!


Parking and Asset Control:

Provide control and security together with improved convenience in facilities that require the latest technology in access control.

Supply Chain Management:

They are excellent for inventory tracking throughout the supply chain. Resulting in higher control and visibility as the goods move along from manufacturer to retailer to consumer.

Asset Tracking:

Alterative that maximizes loss prevention and results in better organization together with extraordinary asset visibility.

Cashless Payment:

Convenient cashless payment solution for day to day, on the go relatively small purchases in high traffic establishments.

Near Field Communications:

Wireless connectivity technology of short range that allows devices to interact with one another, sharing information and fast secure payments.

Automatic Vehicle Identification:

Tags cannot only be used to grant access to restricted areas or gated communities. They can also result very convenient when utilized to allow electronic payment of tolls.