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Metallic Tamper Evident Label

Custom Metallic Labels that are tamper evident are a great way to identify assets due to its durability. Custom Metallic labels are usually used to track assets such as computers and electronic devices but also in schools for items such as lockers and furniture.

Depending on the application the Metallic Labels can be tamper evident or not. Also based on the use they come with the school or company information.

In case of the custom metallic labels that are tamper evident, they can also be used for products warranties. Those labels sometimes can even come with the warning on the label explaining that such label will void the products warranty if tampered or removed.

Custom Metallic Labels can be made in reflective or matte color/ material, the matte material is recommended when the label carries a barcode, since must commercial barcode scanners cannot read Custom Metallic Labels that are made out of reflective material.

Another great advantage to the metallic foil finish Tamper-evident security stickers is that they have an easy to locate bright finish. They are not only an elegant label to the eye but also a convenient one as the reflectiveness makes them stand out.

Some industries, however, do not require their tamper-evident stickers to be custom printed. Sometimes the labels are only intended to seal a products compartment. And it is sufficient for the companies to have a label that can show evidence of tampering without necessarily carrying any custom information, variable information, serialization, of warning.

The variety of shapes and sizes that you can make out of a tamper-evident material has no limits, therefore we enjoy helping our customers to find the right tamper-evident label for their specific application. When dealing with tamper-evident labels we have many factors that take play in the success of the performance of the label, the main ones being material size and shape, but we also have secondary factors that have an important role, such as the thickness of the tamper-evident material, whether the label will be applied on a flat surface or there is a curve or a fold to it, the temperatures and environments that it will be exposed, etc. Due to this numerous factors is for the most part hard to impossible to predict the performance of the tamper-evident labels, and it is for that reason that we always advise the new customer to test the labels prior to the purchase to ensure that the labels are performing to their expectations. If you believe that your company can benefit from tamper-evident labels, please do not hesitate to request a sample, here.