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Our security tape is a continuous 2" for sealing boxes and packages. The tape Tampers leaving a OPENED or VOID upon removal. We Stock, red and blue.
Custom Printing Available.

Should customer require different sects we can make it to order.

The Tamper Evident Tape is an extension of a security label. It is tape that comes with security features that appear when removing or tampering is attempted, such as a VOID wording pattern, making it evident that the tape was compromised and preventing it for being closed again. It cannot be re sealed.

Tamper Evident Tape is a solution ideal for packaging and shipping valuables or sensitive items protecting them from being open during transportation or storing. It is a solution similar to a security label, but this one coming on tape makes it convenient for longer surfaces. It can also be dispensed with commercial tape applicators, making extremely easy to apply.

Tamper Evident tape can be acquired on a generic form or for large volume consumption it can be customized with the customers information and colors.

Intertronix’s stock tamper evident tape is available in two colors: blue or red.

High Quality Security Tape available thru Intertronix. Ideal to detect if opened packaging. Can be applied not only to boxes and cartons, but also to shrink wrap. Security tape leaves a VOID wording pattern on the surface in which it was applied when tampered with or removed and cannot be resealed.

Intertronix stocks 2” security tape both in blue and in red with different lengths respectively and has the capability to make custom security tape for large volume jobs with different specs if necessary.

For better results, the security tape or tamper evident tape requires at least 2 hours for the adhesive to cure into the surface in which it was applied and the security features to perform correctly. We also advise to apply the security tape to surface that are clean, dust and other agents can get in the way of the proper performance of the security tape.

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