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A high performance silver bright and matte finish durable polyester label /seal that detects tampering with objects containing valuables, confidential information, or calibration equipment. The tamper indicating provide a "VOID" message in the surface when removal is attempted; you'll instantly know if someone peeled this security seal off.TamperVoid® tamper evident security feature works immediately on most porous and non-porous surfaces after applied. This laboratory-engineered label can be applied on: Glass, Aluminum, Stainless Steel, powder coated metal, most plastics, paper, wood, printed circuits, etc... Popular applications include: computer cases, cell phones, file cabinets, aircraft hatches, entry doors, envelopes, cartons, electronic components and devices, hospital and laboratory equipment, etc.

The adhesive residue left on the surface after tampering or removal of the label can be removed by rubbing with hand or by using our designed residue remover that will not destroy or damage any surface.

•Tamper Evident

•Custom Printable

•Cannot be Resealed

•Self Voiding

•Outstanding Performance

Available Label Colors: Silver Bright, Silver Matte and White

Available Label Sizes:

Round/Circle: 0.5"/ 0.625" & 0.75"

Rectangle: 0.75" x 0.25"/ 1"x 0.375"/ 1" x 0.5"/

1.5" x 0.6"/ 2 " x 0.75" & 2" x1".

(see below for schematic examples)

For different Sizes, please contact us

For product comparison and performance details, please refer to our " Material Selector Chart"

Available Sizes:



TamperVoid Metallic Tier Pricing Reference Chart.
TamperVoid Metallic Custom Print Tier Pricing Reference Chart.
TamperVoid Metallic Printed-Generic Tier Pricing Reference Chart.

Label features:

• 100% Reliable performance
• Bright Silver fully metalized or matte silver shiny finish
• Ideal for applications where label is bent at 90 degrees
• Can be used as asset nameplate for identification
• Permanent pen ink hand writable
• For use indoor or outdoor
• Can be numbered and/or personalized
• Pressure sensitive .001 thickness polyester
• Can be fold in two side product without delaminating
• Applies in seconds, impossible to tamper or modify
• Adheres immediately over almost any surface
• High quality, durable and strong material
• UL and CSA International certifications compliant
• "VOID" pattern when removed
• Service temperature -40 Deg F. to +250 Deg F.


Popular applications include:

• Laptops
• Computer cases
• Cell phones &
• Mobile devices
• Pharmaceutical
• Hospital Equipment
• CD and DVD Boxes
• Casino & Gaming
• Electronic devices
• ATM machines
• Laboratory Instruments
• Shipping
• Aircraft Hatches
• Military equipment
• Satellite & Communications
• Legal Documents
• Envelopes
• File cabinets
• Asset Identification