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2,000 Black TamperGuard Tamper Evident Security Label Seal Sticker Non Residue, Rectangle 2.75" x 1" (70mm x 25mm). Custom Print. >Click on item details to customize it.
Non Residue Tamper Evident Labels, Non Residue Tamper Evident Seals, Non Residue Tamper Evident Stickes

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2,000 Black TamperGuard Tamper Evident Security Label Seal Sticker Non Residue, Rectangle 2.75" x 1" (70mm x 25mm). Custom Print. >Click on item details to customize it.
Price: $399.99

Product Code: CTGBK-2810-2K


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Introducing TamperGuard: the ultimate solution in tamper-evident, non-residue security labels for reliable protection and clean removal. TamperGuard labels are meticulously crafted from high-performance, durable polyester that provides essential security without compromising the surfaces they protect. These specialized labels are designed to detect any tampering attempts by revealing a clear "VOID" message upon removal, but crucially, they leave no adhesive residue behind, ensuring pristine condition of the protected surface.

TamperGuard's innovative, patented adhesive technology is perfect for securing new electronic devices, such as monitors, TV screens, and cell phone screens, protecting newly installed cell phone batteries, and securing sensitive areas like hospital medicine cabinets, police department evidence rooms, and cashier drawers. These versatile labels offer immediate and effective adhesion on a wide range of surfaces including glass, aluminum, stainless steel, powder-coated metal, most plastics, paper, wood, and even printed circuits.

Popular uses for TamperGuard labels extend across various industries and applications, making them an essential security tool for computer cases, cell phones, file cabinets, aircraft hatches, entry doors, envelopes, cartons, electronic components, hospital and laboratory equipment, and much more. Their non-residue feature means they are ideal for scenarios where no trace of the security measure should be left behind, providing peace of mind for both businesses and consumers.

Key Features of TamperGuard Labels:

Non-residue tamper-evident technology ensures clean removal without sticky residues.
Customizable printing options to suit corporate branding or specific security needs.
Self-voiding design that immediately reveals tampering.
Outstanding performance with a dark gray glossy finish that blends seamlessly into various backgrounds.
Flexibility to be used on surfaces where labels might be bent at 90 degrees.
Hand-writable with permanent pen ink for easy marking.
Suitable for indoor use or shaded outdoor areas.
Available with optional numbering and personalization for enhanced security.
Complies with UL and CSA International standards, ensuring top quality and reliability.
Designed to maintain integrity and function between extreme temperatures of -65�F to +180�F.
With a pressure-sensitive thickness ranging from .001 to .002 inches, TamperGuard labels are incredibly easy to apply and virtually impossible to tamper with or modify. These labels are engineered to adhere instantly to almost any surface, providing a secure, high-quality solution that meets rigorous safety and security standards. Whether you're protecting valuable equipment, sensitive information, or access to restricted areas, TamperGuard is your trusted partner in security.

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