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10,000 White TamperVoidPro Tamper Evident Security Labels Seal Sticker, Dogbone Shape Size 1.75" x 0.375 (44mm x 9mm). Printed: Warranty Void if Label Removed + Serialization.
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TamperVoidPro White
Price: $844.99

Product Code: GTVPW-1804-10K





Tamper Void label, an exceptional tamper-evident security solution designed with a clear, bright, and either matte or shiny finish on durable polyester. This label is engineered to secure objects containing valuable items, sensitive information, or precision calibration equipment. Upon any attempt to remove the label, it prominently displays a "VOID" message directly on the surface, providing an immediate indication of tampering. This feature ensures that you can quickly identify if the security seal has been compromised.

The Tamper Void label's tamper-evident feature is activated instantly upon application and is effective on a variety of surfaces, both porous and non-porous. This includes glass, aluminum, stainless steel, powder-coated metals, most plastics, paper, wood, and printed circuits. The label's versatility makes it ideal for a wide range of applications, such as securing computer cases, cell phones, file cabinets, aircraft hatches, entry doors, envelopes, cartons, electronic components, hospital, and laboratory equipment.

Should tampering occur, the adhesive residue left behind can easily be wiped clean either by hand or with our specially designed residue remover, ensuring no damage or marks remain on the surface.

Key Features of the Tamper Void Label:

Tamper Evident: The label shows a clear "VOID" message when tampering occurs.
Custom Printable: Customize with your own design to fit your branding or security needs.
Non-Resealable: Once removed, the label cannot be resealed, maintaining the integrity of your security.
Self-Voiding: Automatically indicates tampering upon attempt of removal.
Outstanding Performance: Reliable under various conditions.
Additional Label Specifications:

100% Reliable Performance: Trust in a label that consistently performs as expected.
Choice of Finishes: Available in bright clear fully metallized or matte clear shiny finishes.
Flexibility for Different Uses: Ideal for labeling scenarios where the label needs to bend at 90 degrees.
Asset Nameplate Suitability: Can double as an asset nameplate for easy identification.
Hand Writable: Compatible with permanent pen ink for on-the-spot writing.
Indoor and Outdoor Use: Designed to withstand various environmental conditions.
Customization Options: Can be numbered and/or personalized to meet specific requirements.
High-Quality Material: Made from .001 thickness pressure-sensitive polyester that resists delaminating, even when folded.
Quick and Secure Application: Applies in seconds and adheres firmly to almost any surface.
Durability and Strength: Built to last with UL and CSA International certifications.
Visible Security: Displays a "VOID" pattern when tampered with.
Wide Temperature Range: Effective from -40�F to +250�F, suitable for a variety of climates.
Choose Tamper Void for a high-quality, reliable solution that meets your security needs while ensuring easy application and clean removal. Whether you're looking to protect electronic devices, secure sensitive information, or safeguard valuable assets, Tamper Void provides a robust defense against unauthorized access.

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