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1,000 Brushed Chrome Finish Asset Identification Security Labels 1.5" x 0.6" (38mm x 15mm), Custom Print. >Click on item details to customize it.
Asset Security Labels, Asset Security Tags, Asset Security Stickers

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Product Code: CPABC-1506-1K


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Disclosure: Commercial scanners can only read barcodes that are black ink on a white or silver matte label materials. All other materials or ink combinations will not work. Intertronix will not issue returns or exchanges based on this principle.
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Introducing Intertronix PermAsset®, a durable and versatile label designed for various labeling needs. This label is made of 2 mil opaque white semi-gloss polyester TC, ensuring it has excellent tear strength, heat resistance, and dimensional stability. Its chemical resistance and opacity make it suitable for a wide range of applications.

The label uses a 0.9 mil clear solvent acrylic permanent adhesive that offers good initial tack and strong adhesion to different surfaces, including low surface energy plastics. It also has high shear for minimal cold flow or ooze characteristics.

With a 3.2 mil bleached, super calendered paper stock liner with good release properties, the label provides easy handling during application.

This product has a total material construction caliper of 6.1 mils, making it a reliable choice for labeling needs that require durability.

PermAsset® is ideal for various applications, such as product identification labels, rating plates, barcoded labels, work in process (WIP) labels, asset tags, and durable good labeling. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, as it holds UL, c-UL, and CSA recognition.

For specific recognition or acceptance details, you can refer to files UL MH8212, MH17205, and CSA file 97198.

The label's facestock meets ASTM D1000 standards, with a tensile strength of MD 21,300 psi and CD 28,400 psi, ensuring it can withstand demanding conditions.

It exhibits strong initial adhesion and maintains its adhesion even after 72 hours on stainless steel, treated HDPE, polypropylene, and aluminum surfaces.

PermAsset® is an excellent choice for barcode labels and rating plates, property identification, asset labeling, and instruction or service labels for durable goods requiring destructibility.

Please note that like any pressure-sensitive material, it's essential to thoroughly test this product under end-use conditions to ensure it meets the specific application's requirements.

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